New reports are out exposing the fact that Facebook took their users private data and gave it to third party companies without the users’ consent. This includes private messages.

Is anybody actually surprised by this? Facebook is a Jew-run operation so it is not a shock that they would do this. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg even lied to Congress and claimed that they never did this.

But why wouldn’t they do this? Their entire business model is centered around taking user data and selling it to third parties.

Tucker Carlson did a segment exposing how Zuckerberg lied to Congress and is not being held accountable for his lies. He compares it to what is happening to General Michael Flynn who faces jail time for not remembering the exact details of a phone call while talking to the FBI.

And when Zuckerberg was first starting up Facebook, he called people who trusted him with their information “dumb fucks.”

Facebook is garbage. I have no idea why so many people continue to use it. The government has to step in and regulate the shit out of this horrible Jewish enterprise. How about we nationalize it and remove the Jews like Zuckerberg who are managing it. That’d be a helpful first step to resolving the many problems caused by this horrible website.