Project Veritas just did a fairly extensive report exposing how the Jewish Facebook website uses “deboosting” tools to target conservative accounts. The “deboosting” tools are used to prevent content Jews dislike from being exposed to larger audiences. They obtained internal documents and evidence further proving what we already know.


The investigative journalism group Project Veritas says it has obtained leaked internal documents from a former Facebook employee proving the company’s alleged bias against conservatives on its platform.

The report includes 60 pages of internal documents, screenshots of Facebook employee discussions, and a sit-down interview with the unnamed Facebook insider.

“I saw things going on that I personally find to be troubling,” the former employee says in the video.

According to Project Veritas, the leaker worked as a content review analyst and handled copyright and trademark claims.

The former employee said she repeatedly saw Facebook use a technical action called “ActionDeboostLiveDistribution” that she saw attached to conservative pages.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, who narrates the video, said deboosting is “a method of suppression distribution.”

“This occurs because prompts like ‘Share this video’ are disabled. Interactive notifications are also disabled and the live feed boost associated with a live streaming video on Facebook is removed. The system converts the live video into text. Machine learning classifies or identifies certain words – and bad words trigger de-boosting,” O’Keefe said.

The former employee said posts were being deboosted without notifying the users.

So here’s my question, what is it going to take to see this evil organization regulated by the government? We know Trump is aware of what’s going on, his own son was talking about social media censorship with Tucker Carlson the other day.

Drop the hammer down on these evil kike-run entities Mr. President. The time for talk is over.