Colin Powell a dumb monkey from the Bush 43 era was on CNN earlier today claiming that Donald Trump is wrecking America. He’s basically angry that Trump says bad things about the liars in the media and stands up for America on the world stage.

Powell was interviewed by the street shitter idiot Fareed Zakaria alongside the kike war criminal Madeleine Albright.

Quite frankly, Powell has no right to lecture anybody about anything. This asshole lied to the world and said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.  This lie was used to drag the United States into invading Iraq for the benefit of Jews and Israel. The neocon kikes used him as a puppet. He’s a big part of the reason why this country has gotten so fucked up.

It’s comical that he’s being brought back by CNN to trash Trump. This is an individual who has zero credibility to comment on anything.

And I have to laugh at Albright’s new book warning people about fascism. Get the fuck out of my country you evil kike. Take a one-way trip to Israel while you still have a chance.