The evil feminist bitch and propagandist for Jews Cokie Roberts is dead. The Jewish establishment is praising her as some type of journalist legend. But in reality, she was just a dumb skank with a dyke haircut who read off of teleprompters.

Look at how NPR is describing her life’s work.


Veteran journalist Cokie Roberts, who joined an upstart NPR in 1978 and left an indelible imprint on the growing network with her coverage of Washington politics before later going to ABC News, has died. She was 75.

Roberts died Tuesday because of complications from breast cancer, according to a family statement.

A bestselling author and Emmy Award winner, Roberts was one of NPR’s most recognizable voices and is considered one of a handful of pioneering female journalists — along with Nina Totenberg, Linda Wertheimer and Susan Stamberg — who helped shape the public broadcaster’s sound and culture at a time when few women held prominent roles in journalism.

What did she actually accomplish besides being a woman who read off of a teleprompter? Nobody can really explain this.

She was put in a prominent position by Jews to advance feminism and other Jewish agendas. She was a terrible person and I am glad she is dead.