The European Union is telling the United Kingdom that the Brexit deal they negotiated which isn’t even Brexit can’t be renegotiated.


Germany and other European Union states told Britain on Monday their draft Brexit agreement could not be renegoitated.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is battling at home to keep the last week’s deal alive and push it through the British parliament amid criticism from pro-Brexit politicians, Northern Ireland’s unionists and those who want to keep closer EU ties.

“No deal better than the one on the table can be reached,” Germany’s European affairs minister, Michael Roth, said.

Economy minister Peter Altmaier also dismissed any prospect of a return to the drafting table.

(((Michael Roth)))? Whatever the case, the EU knew that Theresa May was never serious about leaving. That’s why they pushed this horrible deal on her and are telling the British people that this shit deal can’t be renegotiated.

The UK should just leave. That’s what the British people voted for. And it’s not like they have any leverage with the EU unless they show that they are serious about leaving.

The whole situation is dumb. If May isn’t removed as prime minister over this, it will be the most insane thing imaginable. Nobody likes this horrible deal.

All this chaotic shit seems to be a move to try and force a second vote on Brexit.

That’s because modern democracy is just a system of government in which Jews run things from behind the scenes. If the people vote for something that Jews don’t want, every excuse is made to overturn the results of that vote. We’ve seen this with both Donald Trump’s election in 2016 and Brexit.

Democracy is a shit form of government. Who can argue otherwise at this point?