The European Union has gone full retard. They’re looking to suppress phrases that reference “man” so they can replace them with gender neutral terms.

Daily Mail:

The European Union has moved to suppress everyday phrases such as ‘manpower’ and ‘mankind’ and replace them with gender-neutral terms.

Staff in Strasbourg have been told to reduce references to ‘women or men’ in a new rule book called Gender Neutral Language In The European Parliament.

The new guidelines are aimed at EU translators tasked with converting documents between the different languages spoken and written by the 28 member states.

The online document suggests words such as ‘chairman’ be replaced by ‘chairperson’, and ‘policeman’ or ‘policewoman’ by substituted for ‘police officer’.

So they’re going to waste all this money converting who knows how many documents so that they contain gender inclusive language. And for what? To protect feelings?

This is fucking stupid and a waste of time. If women were removed from public life and put back in the kitchen where they belong, we would have no need for such ridiculous discussions.

There’s far more important things we should be focusing our time on besides this insane shit.