The European Union just banned Internet memes by voting in favor of a crazy new copyright law.


The European Parliament has voted to adopt the highly controversial Article 13 provision which would govern the production and distribution of content online under the auspices of increasing copyright protections.

Tuesday’s move will update the EU’s 20-year-old copyright rules and will govern everything from audiovisual content to memes, much to the dismay of many social media users who have already begun outpouring their grief online.

MEPs passed the legislation by 348 votes to 274 Tuesday. Opponents had hoped for last-minute amendments to be made but their efforts were in vain.

Julia Reda, a German MEP with the Pirate Party, described it as a “dark day for internet freedom.”

Article 13 or ‘The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market’ makes all platforms legally responsible for the content hosted and shared on their platforms.

The process of updating the bloc’s copyright laws began in the European Commission two years ago, ostensibly to protect Europe’s publishers, broadcasters and artists and guarantee fair compensation from big tech companies.

By essentially forcing companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter to pay artists and publishers for the reproduction of their work online, include in meme format, the EU is effectively clamping down on online memery.

The whole thing is crazy. There’s literally nobody who supports this and enforcing this new edict will be impossible. Not even the big Silicon Valley tech companies support it because they know they can’t comply with it despite their immense resources. If they can’t comply with it, nobody will be able to comply with it.

Once again, this is the result of Western democracy. The system is consistently passing retarded laws and doing shit that nobody wants. So what is the point of having democracy if it is consistently thwarting the will of the people? Democracy has proven to be a total joke of a system that does not work.