Turkey’s leader Recep Erdogan traveled to Germany to open up a very large mosque in the German city of Cologne.

You might remember that Cologne was the city where numerous women were sexually assaulted and raped by Moslem invaders during New Year’s Eve celebrations a little while back.

This mosque is just another symbol of the ongoing Islamic colonization of Europe. Anybody who doesn’t see what’s going on is completely retarded. There are Moslems killing and raping people all over Europe and this has become the new normal. This mosque should be burned to the ground.

Moslems once ruled over significant portions of Europe before they were driven back. The only reason this type of thing is even happening is because the West has been weakened by Jewish subversion and influence.

The Germans desperately need to get that evil Communist bitch Angela Merkel out of power immediately. She is the primary political symbol of how weak the West has become.