In one of the more bizarre press events in recent memory, Elon Musk unveiled a new Tesla vehicle called the Cybertruck.

After rolling out this weird looking vehicle on stage, Musk in an attempt to show how durable it was had a guy pounding on it with a sledge hammer.

And after that, in an attempt to show how durable the windows were, they threw a metal ball at it. This caused the window to break. Thinking it was a fluke, they did it again to the other window and the same thing happened.

Musk tried to spin it in a positive light by saying that at least the ball didn’t go through the window.

This left Musk on stage continuing to go on with the press event explaining all the features of the Cybertruck while standing in front of this crazy looking vehicle with two broken windows.

What I’d like to know is how such a thing is even allowed to happen? Tesla is a company with billions of dollars in resources. And why would they even attempt this stunt in front of the media if there was even the most remote of possibilities that they would break the glass.

It was a really, really weird thing to watch. I’m still trying to process how strange this whole thing was.