So eight people have been fired from their jobs over a report that implied the evil billionaire Jew George Soros was an anti-Semite. Talk about a fucked up story. The premise makes no sense.

Miami Herald:

Four additional staffers at Radio and TV Martí have been fired over a controversial report broadcast last year that referred to Jewish philanthropist George Soros as “anti-Semitic” — bringing to eight the number of dismissals at the station so far following a months-long internal investigation by the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB), which oversees the Martí stations, as well as the Martínoticias digital site.

The report, aired by Isabel Cuervo for the Antena Live program, raises conspiracy theories about Soros, who is identified as a “left-wing billionaire of Hungarian-Jewish origin” and a “nonpracticing Jew of flexible morals.” The broadcast, which aired in three separate segments, included an interview that was posted on YouTube by that Cuervo used with no attribution to the source and another one passed off as her own interview with an alleged expert.

Cuervo and former News Editor Wilfredo Cancio were dismissed immediately after then Senator Jeff Flake and Senator Bob Menéndez demanded an investigation. The Martí report, broadcast last May, made headlines at the end of October when a blog on Cuban issues raised questions about the broadcast just days after Soros received a bomb threat.

Claims of Soros being an anti-Semite are bizarre because Soros is a Jew. Were they implying that he’s a self hating Jew? Because everything he has done with his money has been designed to advance the agenda of globalist kikery. So I’m not even sure what the argument is. How is Soros an anti-Semite when all he does is promote Jewish bullshit?

But it figures that both Jeff Flake and Bob Menendez would demand an investigation over something like this. Both of these men love sucking on Jewish dick!