Edward Snowden is apparently thinking about leaving Russia and moving to France.


Shortly after Edward Snowden flagged France as a place where he would want to live, the country’s justice minister said she personally supports granting asylum to the renowned whistleblower still in exile in Russia.

Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet said France should stick “to our strong principles on immigration,” meaning that “we must accept asylum seekers,” local media reported on Sunday. When asked if Snowden could set foot on French soil someday, she replied: “Yes … I back it.”

This Snowden character always seemed strange to me. He was in the CIA before he went to the NSA and leaked all those documents to the homosexual-Jew Glenn Greenwald.

And the documents that were reported on by Greenwald only confirmed what most of us already knew. They merely showed how the NSA was collecting everyone’s data in violation of the Fourth Amendment and was part of a Big Brother system created by the government. All things which were pretty much known to anybody who was following this shit throughout the 2000s.

But I have no idea why Snowden would want to go to France. Has he not seen what’s going on over there? The people are not happy with the political situation and the government has launched a brutal crackdown on dissidents. Russia in my view is a much freer country than France is. I don’t think there is much debate about this.

Who the hell knows what’s going on with this guy. He could be some type of double agent or whatever but I don’t think anybody really knows.