Ecuador’s government just deployed riot police to crush a number of protesters angry at the government’s decision to turn Julian Assange over to ZOG.


Riot police have attacked scores of people who flooded onto the streets of Ecuador’s capital and branded their president a “traitor.” Protesters were venting anger at the decision to hand Julian Assange over to the UK.

The massive rally in Quito was held to voice unease over the role Ecuador played in arranging for Julian Assange’s arrest last week in London. The situation became more tense when police – wearing heavy riot gear – clashed with protesters, using batons to chase them down the street.

A Ruptly video shows some protesters being beaten and taken to the ground amid the demonstration.

They’re right to call out the President of Ecuador as a traitor. The crippled bastard appears to have turned over Assange for billions of dollars in loans from the Internetional Monetary Fund. There may have been other weird dealings on top of that.

Of course, these protests are probably more about the government capitulating to the United States instead of Assange’s situation. But either way, it is good to see people rioting over Assange’s unjust detainment. The man is being unjustly imprisoned because he did journalism.