Last night, the dyke Jew Rachel Maddow said that the Syria strike was like something out of “Wag the Dog” a 1990s Jew Hollywood film. The movie’s plot involves intelligence operatives working with Hollywood to stage a fake war used to distract the general public from a sex scandal involving the President. Usually, Maddow’s show is filled with some of the most insane and retarded babble you could imagine but in this case she makes a fair comparison.

The difference between the movie and what’s happening with Trump is that the war itself is real but the scandals are faked.

Undoubtedly, all the insanity surrounding the Russia hoax probe, Stormy Daniels and his personal lawyer’s office getting raided factored into Trump’s decision to strike. The Jews have put pressure on Trump from all different angles and he probably thinks that this strike will help with that. When he attacked Syria last year, all talk about Russian conspiracies disappeared from the news cycle. They only popped up again after he fired FBI Director James Comey.

This is just a bad situation all around. If we didn’t have Jews subverting our country, none of these things would be happening. They use their billion dollar megaphones to convince people of realities that don’t actually exist.