Apparently the long awaited Inspector General’s report on the handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe won’t be kind to James Comey. The report is expected to rip his leadership of the FBI while accusing him of engaging in insubordinate activities. This is just a small portion of what is concluded in the report.

I wouldn’t expect a ton from the report though. The Inspector General’s office is run by a Jew named Michael Horowitz and the report has been slow walked. Originally the report was expected to be out months ago and it has been continually stalled. They’re probably trying to soften the damage as much as possible.

The only way that all this is going to be fully resolved is through a special counsel. You can’t have the Department of Justice investigate itself. On top of this, the Inspector General’s office has no prosecution powers and can’t interview people who have left the organization.

The good news is that this report could lead to more calls for a special counsel. It’s all but certain that this report is going to be bad news for Comey and the characters that surrounded him. There’s just no way around it.