So the son of the President of the United States is bashing big tech for their censorship campaign against conservative media. And he’s 100 percent correct that after completely banning Alex Jones the next logical move will be for them to go after other targets like Breitbart and the Daily Caller.

At this rate, you won’t be allowed to have a social media account on these monopolistic platforms unless you are in favor of Jewish supremacy, race-mixing, child trannies and the legalization of pederasty. They’ll just have you banned for hate. That’s literally where this is all heading.

It is good that Don Jr. is interested in this topic. And we know the President is aware of the issue. He’s already spoken about the Twitter shadow banning problem. Hopefully he can convince his father to take some action on this. It is going to be vitally important to his 2020 campaign.

But yeah, something needs to change. These social media sites are falsely claiming to be places where people can openly and freely exchange ideas. In reality, they’re safe spaces for Jews and Communists.