So the Department of Justice is expected to issue the Inspector General report regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation on June 14th.

Apparently the report has been done for awhile but the release of it has been slow walked. So who the hell knows what’s being redacted, scrubbed etc..

And the June 14th release date is interesting because it is happening the same week as the summit between the United States and North Korea. It appears as if this is designed to bury the report in the broader news cycle.

Most importantly, the Inspector General’s office is run by a Jew named Michael Horowitz. Then you have the Jew Rod Rosenstein the Deputy Attorney General who is going to have his paws all over this as well. Just based on those two facts alone, it is hard to have any sort of confidence in what this report will say. It’s safe to assume that the report will try to put the best face on the obvious chicanery and corruption that took place. At least it sounds like James Comey is going to be singled out for criticism.

And once again, where the fuck is Jeff Sessions during all this? There might as well not even be an Attorney General at this point. The entire Department of Justice is under the control of a bunch of untrustworthy kikes.