I’ve written several positive articles about Dennis Rodman over the past few years both on this site and on the Daily Stormer. I’ve even called for him to be some sort of envoy or ambassador to North Korea. He might be an eccentric black man who has made some strange lifestyle choices, but he did a very good thing a few years back when he brought basketball to North Korea. It was a gesture of goodwill that undoubtedly helped lay a foundation for the Trump-Kim summit that we just saw.

Rodman was in Singapore as the summit occurred. It was speculated by some that he would play some sort of role in the events, but it turns out that he was just there to watch and to support his friends. Prior to the summit, Rodman was one of the few people in the world who maintained a personal relationship with both Trump and Kim.

CNN did an interview with him right as the summit kicked off and it definitely did not turn out as expected. Rodman wore a MAGA hat and got emotional when describing the death threats he received when he brought basketball to North Korea. He went on to bash Barack Obama for not doing anything to help him as all this was going on. This despite the fact that Kim told him that he wanted to hold talks several years ago.

Chris Cuomo who was doing the interview seemed to be at a loss for words. Talk about having your narrative blown apart. Here you have a high profile black man openly supporting Trump and getting emotional while bashing Obama. Cuomo did not know what to do.

But how funny would it be if Trump actually made Rodman the ambassador to North Korea? Not sure Rodman is interested in the job, but even if Trump just floated the idea, all the pundits in the Jew-run media would completely lose their shit. That would be reason enough to make him ambassador.