Democrats have interestingly enough been implementing the most severe and draconian lockdowns as a result of this COVID-19 situation.

California, New York, Illinois and Connecticut all of which have Democrat governors, have so far instituted the most severe lockdowns.

In Arizona, the skank Democrat mayor of Phoenix pushed to implement major restrictions on the city as the Republican governor instituted much more moderate restrictions across the state.

There are probably other situations like this around the country.

And what is this all about? Because of a virus that has killed less people globally than the flu has in the United States?

Sure, this is a problem, but the hysteria surrounding it is totally unjustified.

I do not believe they are doing any of this to protect the public’s health, I believe they are instead using this situation as an excuse to inflict as much economic pain as possible. The more economic pain there is, the better chances they have at defeating the orange man in November.