How many Jewish cocks do you think this faggot Democrat Senator Christopher Murphy has sucked? He is cheering the shut down of Infowars from social media platforms claiming that it is a victory for democracy.

We literally have Democrats claiming that democracy won’t survive unless tech monopolies silence the free speech of people who they disagree with. That’s because they believe that anybody who disagrees with them is automatically guilty of spreading hate and lies.

Look at these insane tweets from Chris Murphy. This retarded faggot is actually a Senator from Connecticut.

I would argue that CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times are far more guilty of what Murphy is accusing Alex Jones and Infowars of. But it’s just comical that this asshole is claiming that silencing free speech is necessary for democracy to survive. You can’t have a democracy without free speech because it means candidates for public office won’t have an honest exchange of ideas.

Of course it is futile to explain logic and sense to these fools. They are obsessed with shutting down anybody who disagrees with them because their ideas are complete and total shit.

Mark Warner is another faggot Democrat Senator who wants to use government power to ensure that social media companies get more aggressive with censorship.

The Democrats are also looking at ways to use government power to further shut down free speech throughout social media. Axios obtained a paper originating from Democrat Senator Mark Warner which goes into some of this stuff. They want to make it unlawful for social media companies to leave certain types of material on their websites. They’re basically claiming that opinions and views outside of the mainstream Jewish narrative are “fake” and must be removed to protect democracy.

Government regulation is definitely needed, but to protect free speech. The Democrats want to use government power to further exacerbate the existing problem.

Talk about a ridiculous situation. Just who in the fuck are these people pushing for less free speech on the Internet? What type of American would demand the silencing of people’s speech like this? They are all traitors to America and they should be immediately arrested and thrown in concentration camps.