Project Veritas just dropped another video featuring hidden camera footage from inside Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill’s re-election campaign. Missouri is a hugely Republican state so McCaskill has tried to paint herself as a moderate even though this undercover footage exposes her as a leftist gun grabber. They even got a clip of McCaskill herself enthusiastically talking about her agenda to destroy the Second Amendment.

Her staffers also admit that she has the same political views as Barack Obama and would support impeaching Donald Trump. They even talk about how her campaign gets a ton of money from the Jew Chuck Schumer and that she thinks the border wall is a stupid idea. This despite her running advertisements proclaiming how she is supported by the Border Patrol.

Obviously none of this is a surprise, but the footage itself is very interesting. It is very reminiscent of the clips they got from Democrat Phil Bredesen’s Tennessee Senate campaign where they basically admit to lying for votes. It gives a real insight into the type of faggots and clowns who work inside these campaigns.

It sounds like Project Veritas has infiltrated a number of Democrat Senate campaigns in states that are close races. It’s going to be interesting to see what other footage they put out. And quite frankly, it is refreshing to see some real honest journalism for a change. You just don’t see reporters doing this type of thing any more. This despite the fact that it used to be very common for journalists to do undercover work to expose corruption and shady activities.