Adam Schiff has proven once again that he is a lying kike with the release of this memo. It’s a political smokescreen to hide real abuses of power by the Department of Justice and the FBI.

The Democrat response to the Republican’s House Intelligence memo on FISA Court abuses was released today.

The memo attempts to discredit the Republican’s memo alleging FISA Court abuses by the Department of Justice and the FBI by cherry picking insignificant matters that have nothing to do with the broad picture. It specifically tries to claim that there were good reasons why the widely discredited Christopher Steele #Pissgate dossier was credible. The good reasons it cites are based solely on the word of high level officials within the DoJ and the FBI. It also tries to justify the spying on Carter Page because it happened after he left the Trump campaign. As if it’s OK for the government to spy on anybody using a manufactured dossier that was funded by an opposition political party.

Hilariously the memo tries to claim that the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page which showed blatant anti-Trump bias are not relevant to the FISA court abuses. This is a ridiculous assertion. The text messages are in fact highly relevant considering that both of them were at the center of investigating Page. Strozk himself opened the investigation.

The entire memo is nothing but a political smokescreen. They also included classified information to force the White House to issue redactions so that they could claim Trump was censoring material and hiding something.

The Republicans issued a rebuttal to the memo. It refutes all the main points that the Democrat memo makes. Really what you have here is the Democrats trying to split hairs over insignificant matters to mask abuse of the FISA system under the Barry Obama regime. But considering it was drafted by the Jew Adam Schiff, it is not a surprise to see that this document is an obvious attempt to mislead and misdirect the public.

Schiff is the same Jew who claimed that the Republican memo contained all sorts of national security secrets in a bid to thwart its release. The memo did not contain anything of the sort. Yet despite his alleged concerns about national security, he chose to include national security secrets in his own memo to play political games. He’s a lying kike piece of shit who should be arrested for treason.

Here’s Trump’s response.