It looks like I was 10 years ahead of the #DeleteFacebook movement. I briefly tried out Facebook for a few months back in the late 2000s and thought it sucked. It’s good to see that many others are finally coming to the same conclusion I did a decade ago. It’s an awful service run by evil kikes.


Fewer people may see your latest exploits via Facebook today than would have yesterday thanks to a trending hashtag: #DeleteFacebook.

The tag trended briefly on Twitter Tuesday as a response to the scandal over Facebook user information that wound up in the hands of political advertisers without users’ consent. Another indication of momentum behind the sentiment is this Reddit post that’s received 120,000 up-votes and over 7,000 comments in less than 24 hours.

The online anger stems from a complex story involving what seemed to be fun Facebook app, a firm named Cambridge Analytica, a pink-haired whistleblower named Christopher and the Trump campaign, among others.

The #DeleteFacebook hashtag caught the attention of Elon Musk. This after WhatsApp founder Brian Acton began pushing the hashtag. Ironically, WhatsApp was bought out by Facebook a few years ago so Acton telling people to get rid of Facebook has been a pretty big deal.

Musk has since ordered the Facebook pages of Tesla and SpaceX be removed.

There’s many reasons why you should get off of Facebook if you are still on it. The Cambridge Analytica stuff just appears to be the final straw that has sent people over the edge.

All I care about is that there are now going to be fewer people using this shitty kike service. It’s a service littered with online thought police, manipulated algorithms, unethical data mining etc..

I’ll settle for government regulation, but if I had my way I would just have the entire service deleted off the tubes. The Jews that control this entity should be arrested and locked in a concentration camp. I would force them to peel potatoes for the rest of their miserable lives.

And just so there’s no confusion, I’m talking about you Zuckerberg you evil kike! You’ve destroyed the Internet with your kike chicanery and we hate you for it! Wipe that fucked up grin off your face!