It looks like the Jew-run propaganda outlet CNN is going to keep ramming this David Hogg faggot down our throats. They had him back on television with Dan Rather of all people to thank so-called “conspiracy theorists” who have criticized his shitty acting skills and called him out as a tool for the Jews to push gun control.

One of the more interesting parts of his appearance was the fact that he focused his energy on bashing the National Rifle Association. He did this while dismissing criticism of the Jewish Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. Unlike the NRA, Israel can be held directly accountable for what happened. His office received numerous calls about the shooter but did nothing to stop them. His deputies also refused to engage the shooter when he was shooting.

So why all the focus on the NRA? It shows that he has a political agenda that has nothing to do with school safety etc..

Hogg is a propagandist who is willfully participating in a kike agenda to demonize the NRA and abolish the Second Amendment. He says that he’s for the Second Amendment while simultaneously pushing an agenda that is directly against it. He’s completely full of shit.

The good news is that nobody is buying the nonsense from Hogg. The fact that he’s had to claim that he’s not an actor several times on national television is proof that their narrative is not working.