The Zionist shill Dan Crenshaw was confronted by some groypers during a speaking appearance at Texas A&M this afternoon.

A groyper recorded it and streamed it on Twitter.

This is the only recording of the question and answer session with Crenshaw that I’m aware of.

A few groypers were able to ask questions about non-White immigration and Ben Shapiro, but many of the other questions were boring and possibly from plants and shills. Several stupid questions about taxes, health care, climate change and the “Green New Deal” were posed. It was clear that they were trying to avoid giving groypers the opportunity to ask questions.

Crenshaw is also scheduled to speak tonight at 7PM-8PM CST, so hopefully that session will be more interesting. If they avoid giving groypers the opportunity to ask questions, there might not be any other option but to intentionally disrupt the event so real questions can be asked.

Azzmador is currently doing a live stream with a prominent Chinese lawyer discussing the topic.