The Democrats are definitely not winning this battle on the border wall. Their stance is insane and devoid of logic.

It looks like they’re beta testing a new narrative to help them get out of this mess. The Daily Show hosted by the mixed-race nig-kike creature Trevor Noah did a segment telling Democrats to give Donald Trump his wall so he doesn’t declare a national emergency. The reasoning presented is that the executive branch has tremendous powers to do all sorts of things when a national emergency is declared. They’re afraid if he is able to build the wall by declaring a national emergency that he’ll do increasingly more bold things unilaterally with the same powers.

Quite honestly, this is probably the best they can do considering the pickle they’re in. But considering that Nancy Pelosi already said that walls are “immoral” it is going to be tough for her to reverse direction. That’s because she’d then be going along with something she already said was “immoral.”

The most likely outcome to all of this is that we see President Trump declare a national emergency to build the wall. The Democrats show no signs of budging even with this new narrative being floated.