Apparently there was a big UFC fight between Conor McGregor an Irish man who acts like a nigger and a Moslem named Khabib Nurmagomedov last night. The big news wasn’t the fight itself, it was what happened after the fight.

After Khabib defeated McGregor with a rear naked choke in the 4th round, Khabib immediately jumped over the cage to go after someone in McGregor’s corner who was talking shit to him throughout the fight. The end result was a melee inside and outside of the octagon.

It was a total circus. Multiple people were arrested. UFC President Dana White called what happened a shit show.

But here’s the thing. White has previously embraced these spectacles due to the press and media coverage it generates. So based on that, it is very possible that this entire thing was staged directly or indirectly in some capacity.

Earlier this year, McGregor and his buddies attacked a bus that Khabib and other UFC fighters were on. That incident was used to help promote the fight.

McGregor has already said that he wants a rematch.

It honestly doesn’t even matter if this whole sideshow was staged or not. They’re going to try and capitalize on the incident to generate buzz for the rematch.

I’ve personally never been a fan of the UFC. Most of the fights look like some type of weird homoerotic sports spectacle where one fighter is mounted on top of another fighter for at least half the fight.

But all this retarded shit is getting old. The UFC has become more about creating a spectacle to drive pay per views buys than it is about mixed martial arts as a sport. It’s like they’re trying to create some weird soap opera for men with this gay shit. The entire organization has become a big joke.

Worse yet is that the UFC was purchased by the Jew Ari Emanuel a few years back. So long story short, the UFC is just more Jewish bullshit. White people should boycott it just like they boycott the National Football League over the national anthem kneeling nonsense.