Former FBI Director James Comey’s memos detailing his interactions with Donald Trump have been made public.

The memos were just released so everyone is still dissecting them but Comey claims in the memos that the FBI doesn’t leak. This despite the fact that he himself leaked classified information to the press in order to help get the special counsel going. They were talking about this on Sean Hannity’s show tonight.

The memos also seem to undermine this narrative that Trump was obstructing justice. At the same time, they provide more proof that Comey did in fact leak classified information.

There’ll be more analysis to come but it’s clear that Comey had it out for Trump. He wouldn’t have written these memos if he didn’t. Did Comey write memos for every interaction he had with Barry Soetoro? It doesn’t appear as if he did.

Long story short, Comey should be arrested for leaking classified information and he should be put in a federal pound me in the ass prison alongside his butt buddy Andrew McCabe!