It is the last day of the year and all sorts of crazy shit is happening. In Colorado, a deputy was killed and four officers hurt after a gunman ambushed them when they responded to a domestic disturbance call.

USA Today:

A sheriff’s deputy was killed and four officers were injured Sunday in suburban Denver when a gunman fired more than 100 rounds in an ambush-style attack.

The gunman was killed by additional officers who rushed to the scene where officers had been responding to a disturbance call at an apartment complex.

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock described it as an “ambush-style” attack on the officers.

They were “shot very, very quickly,” he said. “They went down within seconds of each other.”

“He knew we were coming, and we obviously let him know that we were there,” Spurlock said.

The gunman continued to fire as additional officers arrived at the complex.

This comes on the heels of a situation where police killed someone in Wichita, Kansas as a result of a hoax phone call from a mulatto living in California. The swatting incident occurred over a dispute involving the Call of Duty video game.

The swatter is obviously an insane individual, but police shouldn’t have been so fucking trigger happy. We’ve seen incident after incident where police are show up somewhere in full battle rattle and kill an unarmed person for no reason. And all because of a phone call from an anonymous person? Obviously these people aren’t using their heads.

But based on this swatting incident, it is not unreasonable to think that the guy who shot those cops in Colorado may have assumed that the cops were coming to kill him. It is a fair assumption considering the behavior we see of these cops over and over again.

One thing is for sure, the quality of police force personnel keeps getting worse and worse.