Cola Cola is actually spending money on training programs that require their employees to be less White.

What does this even mean?

Do they want White employees to come into work wearing blackface and speaking ebonics?

I guess this also means they’ll need to remove the polar bears and Santa Claus from their advertisements and marketing programs. After all, these are symbols of White supremacy because the polar bears and Santa Claus are both White.

This is retarded beyond belief but nothing surprises me anymore. We all know what would happen if a company told their black employees to be less black. The Jewish media and their black slaves would do everything they could to destroy that company.

To hell with Cola Cola and the fools that run the company. Soda is bad for your health any way so you shouldn’t drink their products. I stopped drinking soda years ago and have been better off for it. Let them choke on their high fructose corn syrup.