The coffee Jew Howard Schultz has said that he isn’t going to be running for the presidency.

Fox News:

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced Friday morning he is officially abandoning his exploration of an independent presidential campaign, but the billionaire said he plans to spend significant funds to “transform our broken system.”

Schultz, in a letter posted to, cited general voter apathy, institutional roadblocks to an independent candidacy and back woes among the reasons for not seeking the presidency.

He was considering an independent run for the presidency, but if he ran he would have only siphoned off Democrat votes ensuring that Donald Trump would be re-elected.

A few months back he was making public appearances and getting harassed by crazy leftists who were pointing out this fact. I’d imagine that this harassment played a role in him making the decision to not run.

Either way, this coffee Jew had no chance of winning so this announcement is not surprising.