CNN’s Jim Acosta is such a smug piece of shit. I would personally like to fight him. Just look at this tweet he put out and you will want to fight him also.

Basically Jim found an area of the border where there’s physical infrastructure preventing illegal crossings. He basically said that because it was so peaceful there, it proved that there was no national emergency. So he accidentally made the point that walls and barriers work. A point of which many of Trump’s supporters called him out on.

It’s also worth noting that going to a single section of a 2,000+ mile border near a Burger King and using that to claim that there is no problem at the border is ridiculous. Did he not see the footage of the caravan invasion that just happened a month ago? And what about all the stats and anecdotes from Border Patrol personnel? There is a definite problem and it needs to be addressed with additional walls and barriers. This is not rocket science.

But thanks Jim for helping us prove this point!