The clown news network strikes again with more fake news!

CNN has been exposed once again for reporting fake news. A supposed “bombshell” story about Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks contained a key error which undermined an anti-Trump narrative they were trying to paint.


CNN was forced to correct a key error in a story about the Trump campaign and access to hacked Democratic National Committee emails on Friday, extending a run of high-profile media mistakes.

In an “exclusive” story posted to its website Friday morning — and discussed on air throughout the day — CNN initially reported that then candidate Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump, Jr. and other Trump campaign figures received an email on Sept. 4, 2016, offering a website and decryption key for the hacked WikiLeaks documents. That date was incorrect, though: CNN was later forced to correct it to Sept. 14, after a Washington Post report said the email had been sent then.

The timing is crucial because WikiLeaks released a trove of stolen DNC emails on Sept. 13. The error was the difference between the Trump campaign having advance access to the DNC emails — a potential scandal — and the campaign having access to emails already available publicly.

Upon making the correction, CNN issued a statement: “CNN’s initial reporting of the date on an email sent to members of the Trump campaign about WikiLeaks documents, which was confirmed by two sources to CNN, was incorrect. We have updated our story to include the correct date, and present the proper context for the timing of email.”

The CNN story also originally cited a Sept. 4 tweet from Donald Trump, Jr., saying it was the first time he tweeted about WikiLeaks and Hillary Clinton.

The story now has a bolded correction affixed to its top, which reads: “This story has been corrected to say the date of the email was September 14, 2016, not September 4, 2016. The story also changed the headline and removed a tweet from Donald Trump Jr., who posted a message about WikiLeaks on September 4, 2016.”

The President made the following comments about this latest fake news incident.

These news organizations are becoming increasingly worthless. These people get paid vast quantities of money and they can’t even get basic facts right. Of course, the Jews at CNN are also foaming at the mouth trying to spin whatever anti-Trump narrative they can. The harder they try, the more prone they are to make mistakes.

The CNN story comes right after ABC News had to retract a story about Trump, Russia and General Michael Flynn. The report caused the stock market to go down 350 points.

Maybe if CNN would just cover current events fairly, this type of thing wouldn’t happen. CNN is run by Jews which means they are incapable of covering anything fairly. It is a Jewish propaganda disinformation outlet. That’s all it is.