CNN is like beyond parody at this point. Yesterday they took time out of their day to do a full segment on the amount of diet cokes that Donald Trump supposedly drinks. This on a day when a mud monkey from Bangladesh tried to blow people up in a New York City subway station.

Free Beacon:

Near the close of Brooke Baldwin’s CNN program Monday afternoon, she invited on a board-certified gastroenterologist to assess the effect on President Donald Trump’s health of his massive Diet Coke intake.

The discussion came with a visual aide of a dozen Diet Coke cans, representing the 12 Trump knocks back per day in the White House, according to a recent New York Times report.

Dr. Samantha Nazareth noted the diet soda had less calories than regular soda, but drinking 12 “essentially replaces what other liquids will provide to your body.”

“You should be drinking water, not this,” she said.

Baldwin wondered if drinking that many Diet Cokes could be “super crazy harmful” to the body, but Nazareth said not necessarily. Instead, it might encourage the drinker to engage in more sweets.

I highly doubt that Trump drinks a dozen diet cokes a day. Not quite sure how they got this information or if they are misinterpreting a joke as factual information. Even if he does drink a dozen diet cokes a day, who the hell cares? He’s a grown man in his 70s. CNN never investigated Barack Obama’s smoking habits did they? This story is a joke.

The main point is that there are far more important things to be concerned with than Trump’s beverage habits. There was real hard news happening with the attempted terrorist attack in New York City. This was not the type of thing they should have been focusing on.

Is it any wonder why nobody believes the Jew run fake news media any longer?