CNN has decided that they aren’t satisfied with just producing insane fake news propaganda. They’ve decided to harass a pro-Trump grandma alleging that she was colluding with Russia on Facebook. The clip that they aired is completely insane.

They literally had a CNN reporter ambush this woman outside of her house accusing her of working for Vladimir Putin. CNN is sending a message that if you support Trump, they might show up outside your house and bully you on national television. Who besides a sick person would engage in type of nonsense? Especially to an older woman like this.

This is the furthest thing from legitimate news reporting. It is harassment and terrorism.

It’s even worse when you consider that CNN promoted an anti-Trump rally that was allegedly organized by Russians. It shows that this ambush nonsense that they did whining about Russian conspiracies is entirely hypocritical.

The bottom line is that CNN is a Jew-run anti-American terrorist operation. It should be permanently silenced by the federal government.