What a strange time we live in. We have a situation where making jokes about niggers in your spare time can result in you getting fired or suspended from your job. This is because huge media organizations with billions of dollars collectively at their disposal, will spend their resources trying to get ordinary people fired for having politically incorrect thoughts.

Alex McNabb an EMT who appears on the Daily Shoah podcast from time to time, has apparently been suspended from his job because he made jokes about niggers.


An emergency medical technician has been placed on unpaid leave after racist comments surfaced of him comparing black patients to gorillas and claiming to take “immense satisfaction” as he “terrorized” an African American boy with a needle.

Alex McNabb, a part-time EMT in Patrick County, Virginia, made the statements on a white supremacist podcast called “The Daily Shoah.” McNabb is a frequent co-host of the podcast, whose title mocks the Holocaust.

The comments, which McNabb, 35, later claimed on Twitter to be a “work of fiction,” ignited a debate over whether he can render adequate care to vulnerable, minority and Jewish patients.

McNabb would not comment directly to CNN, beyond indicating in a tweet that he is undergoing a “character assassination attempt.”

Using an alter-ego named “Dr. Narcan” on the podcast McNabb repeatedly called black people “dindus,” a slur combining the words “didn’t” and “do” — a reference to black people who claim they are mistreated by the justice system.

The Jewish media has made it a point to ruin people’s lives for making simple racial jokes. It’s completely ridiculous and stupid and it is only going to make people hate Jews even more.

The next time they claim to support free speech, you should laugh.