CNN is a Jew-run fake news network. This not even debatable. They sold their audience a hoax about Donald Trump and Russia for two years.

They proved once again that they are fake news by falsely claiming that Venezuela’s fake President Juan Guaido won an election.


Venezuela did not hold elections in January — and Guaido definitely did not win them. He did, however, try to seize power from Maduro by force in January with US backing — and then again in April. Both coup attempts failed and Maduro remains president with the support of millions of Venezuelans who still back him. But US officials have declared the Washington-friendly Guaido the country’s “legitimate” leader, so evidently this has been a confusing time for CNN’s intrepid reporters.

The report was finally corrected on Monday after being published on Sunday afternoon and remaining unfixed overnight. It now reflects the fact that Guaido was not elected, but “declared himself interim president” in January.

You could say that this was just an innocent mistake, but considering the amount of resources that CNN has at their disposal, it could very well have been intentional. They may have just corrected it because so many people called them out on the lie.

Either way, how the fuck is it that CNN is still considered a credible source of information? Why are they allowed to be on all the big social media platforms when they constantly publish fucked up news? They’ve literally been caught publishing endless numbers of fake news stories. And the big social media companies said they were going to clean up “fake news” but nothing ever happens to CNN. Go figure, right?

The entire situation is bullshit.