A recording between Donald Trump and his former kike lawyer Michael Cohen was aired on CNN tonight. Cohen like a typical Jew weasel secretly recorded some of his private conversations with Trump. Who else besides a Jew would do something like this? It’s some of the most scummy behavior imaginable. Especially when you are a lawyer whose doing it!

The recording itself doesn’t seem to reveal anything of note. There’s certainly nothing in the recording that documents criminal activity. It’s just Trump and Cohen talking about setting up a corporation to potentially issue payments to keep the story of Playboy Playmate Karen MacDougal under wraps. MacDougal has claimed that she was fucking Trump and had an affair with him in the 2000s. So obviously this is not something Trump wanted out in the media before the election.

Of course, numerous women have accused Trump of all sorts of weird and crazy things. This is a typical thing that happens to prominent people. From time to time certain situations have to be resolved with payoffs and non-disclosure agreements. It’s very common in the business world.

CNN was obsessing over if Trump said “cash” or “check” and had Cohen’s Jew lawyer Lanny Davis on claiming Trump said “cash” and this proved that he was behaving like a mobster or something.

The most shocking part about the tape was Trump asking his assistant for a coke to drink. I did not realize Trump was an avid soda drinker.

I mean, what the fuck is going on here with this nonsense? This shit is retarded. The much overused term “nothing burger” certainly applies to this insanity. The average American doesn’t give a damn about shit like this.

The only thing this story shows is how untrustworthy and devious the Jewish race is.