Greta Thunberg the Swedish 16-year-old girl who recently became the global face of the retarded climate change hoax, came over to America on a boat and is now touring the country promoting said hoax.

She met with the subversive Kenyan Communist and homosexual nigger Barack Obama.

She also told Congress to listen to scientists who make their money by manipulating scientific data to promote this stupid hoax. Because scientists who get paid to hoax climate data are totally trustworthy and should be believed no matter what.

Her visit has apparently inspired a climate change strike in New York City where all children will be allowed to take a day off of school and march in some stupid rally.

The Jewish media has really been hyping her visit to America. It’s a big joke. But do they really think promoting this ridiculous 16-year-old girl is going to make me want to support the “Green New Deal” and other stupid shit? Spoiler alert, it’s not.

I’m really getting tired of hearing about this dumb hoax and all these fools they trot out to promote it. There’s been countless environmental doomsday predictions and none have come to pass.

Maybe when all the Jews in New York City are under water I’ll start taking these climate change hoaxers a bit more seriously. But at the same time, I couldn’t give a shit if a bunch of Jews in New York City drowned as a result of climate change. I would only laugh if such a thing were to happen.