If the nigger run South African government had managed the desalination projects for Cape Town properly, they would not be in this situation.

Scientists have misidentified the cause of the water issues in Cape Town, South Africa. They are incorrectly blaming “climate change” instead of the biological nigger.


Cape Town is in the grip of a drought widely regarded as the worst in recorded history – one that could see it become the first city in the world to run out of water.

The city is edging closer to a day – known locally as “Day Zero” – when supplies are so low authorities will have to cut off water to three quarters of the population.

Far from being a hypothetical scenario, Day Zero has a set date. It is currently expected on 9 July.

The perfect storm of conditions that led to this drought, specifically three consecutive years of extremely low rainfall, would generally be expected no more than once in a millennium.

Predicting such “freak” events is tricky for scientists, but one thing is clear: climate change appears to have played a significant role in the Cape’s current misfortune, and it is set to make such events far more likely in the years to come.

In a place like South Africa, you are going to have dry spells. That’s just mother nature. There are several desalination projects slated to provide Cape Town with water, but they are well behind schedule because of incompetent and corrupt niggers in the government.

The biological nigger is incapable of projecting how their actions or lack of actions in the present could impact them in the future. What we are seeing happen in Cape Town is a reflection of that.

These scientists should correct their assessment. The water issues in Cape Town here have nothing to do with climate change and have everything to do with the incompetence and corrupt nature of the biological nigger.