A Christopher Columbus statue was vandalized in both Rhode Island and California. It looks like there may have been other instances of this same type of thing around the country but I do not have the time to dig into the topic any more deeply.

Regardless of your opinion about Columbus, this type of vandalism is clearly meant as an attack on White history and White accomplishment. Columbus is viewed as a symbol of tyrannical colonialism and many foolish people have been brainwashed into believing that everything about colonialism was part of some genocidal conspiracy.

But there were all sorts of positive things about colonialism. Colonialism helped bring civilization to numerous savages who were sacrificing and eating one another. Sure, not everything about colonialism was positive, but the overt negative propaganda about it is not accurate from a historical perspective. You can see that the places that were colonized by Whites were better off than places where Whites did not colonize.

And can anybody say that places like Rhodesia and South Africa have been better off with blacks running them? Even the blacks admit that things are worse.

Ironically, these savages claim they’re against genocide even though violence, genocide and displacement of Whites is universally encouraged and promoted everywhere we see. These attacks on these Columbus statues are hypocritical and stupid but I’m sure we will see them continue into the future.