China through their state media is saying that the end is coming for the CIA-backed rioters in Hong Kong.

Nikkei Asian Review:

China issued a stern warning to Hong Kong protesters as well as the West on Sunday, reiterating that it will not tolerate any attempt to undermine Chinese sovereignty over the city.

“The end is coming for those attempting to disrupt Hong Kong and antagonize China,” stated a commentary piece published by the state’s Xinhua News Agency.

The strongly worded message was directed at “the rioters and their behind-the-scene supporters” — which can be taken as an accusation of Western meddling. It said that “their attempt to ‘kidnap Hong Kong’ and press the central authorities is just a delusion,” adding, “No concession should be expected concerning such principle issues.”

The warning came as thousands of people blocked roads and public transport links to Hong Kong’s airport. The demonstrations, which started in response to a proposed bill that would have allowed extradition to the mainland, have morphed into a broader rejection of Beijing’s growing control over the semiautonomous city.

The commentary said three lines must not be crossed: no one should harm Chinese sovereignty, challenge the power of the central authorities or use Hong Kong to infiltrate and undermine the mainland.

I support this rhetoric. And quite honestly, the Chinese should just send in the military and crush these subversive agitators. These so-called pro-Democracy groups are backed by the CIA, the State Department and who knows how many other ZOG related organizations.

I would also encourage the Chinese to immediately arrest the subversive agitator Paul Joseph Watson who is currently in Hong Kong backing these agitations. Watson is supportive of this CIA-backed revolution because he desires to bring faggotry to mainland China. He is doing this so he can have sexual access to the buttholes of young Chinese teen males.