Democracy is such a hoax. How is it that this insane childless hag Theresa May is running the British government? And how the hell did she just survive a no-confidence vote within her own party?

She received 200 votes of confidence to 117 votes of no-confidence.

Any honest person would have voted her out. This crazy woman is promoting a totally fake Brexit deal while claiming it is Brexit. It is not at all what the British people voted for back in 2016.

Her purpose is simple. To hoodwink everyone into thinking that the government is trying to do Brexit without actually doing it. By turning this process into a circus, she ultimately hopes to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union.

She was never in favor of Brexit which is why she has been trying to sabotage it with this chicanery. All the British MPs who supported her in this no-confidence vote are complicit in her treachery.