The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts is trying to claim that we have unbiased judges even though the Communist terrorist Barack Obama appointed a bunch of anti-American Marxist activists to these courts. He’s comically claiming that “Obama judges” don’t exist.

He’s basically waging a totally unnecessary battle against Donald Trump who has been aggressively denouncing the practice of judge-shopping and the state of the 9th circuit. That court as we have described many times before, is filled with Communist radicals.

Trump issued a series of statements about this.

The Jewish media is basically trying to meme Roberts into being the new swing vote on the Supreme Court over this. Roberts has made some suspect rulings, namely on the Obamacare disaster. He actually ruled that it was perfectly fine to make people pay for something that they didn’t want. But it’s hard to say if he’d really be a true swing vote.

It probably doesn’t even matter. The Jew bitch Ruth Bader Ginsburg is probably going to die soon. She recently broke her ribs, and it is likely to assume that she’ll soon be sent to the gates of hell. Once this happens, Trump will be able to replace her with another right-leaning judge.