Do you want to know what the cause of all the violence in Chicago is? It’s the lack of programs. That’s why we need to raise taxes so we can pay for all these programs to stop the violence.

lol actually not really. The only solution is to get rid of the violent niggers who keep shooting one another.

There were over 30 shooting incidents in the city during the Memorial Day weekend and the local CBS news station only dedicated a little under 30 seconds to the story. Not even they give a shit about niggers getting killed and shot.

And how much money and time has been spent trying to integrate these baboons into our society? It’s been a huge waste of energy and resources. We see proof of it with stories like these. Only an insane person would think that we should continue trying to treat them as equals. I don’t care how many Bryant Gumbel and Barack Obama look-a-likes they put on television.