Charlie Kirk just wrote an op-ed claiming that he just wants to have a “dialogue in good faith.”

This young man is completely full of shit. He has smeared and dismissed people who have legitimate concerns about mass immigration as racists. He blocked Nick Fuentes from attending his debate at Politicon by sticking security personnel on him. He attempted to smear Fuentes with an out of context video clip during his “Prove Me Wrong” event at the University of Houston. And he has stood silent as an army of fake conservative shills have done everything in their power to discredit Fuentes and the America First groypers.

I go into more details about all this in my Daily Stormer article.

The bottom line is that he does not want to have any sort of “dialogue in good faith.” If he did, he’d debate Nick Fuentes and engage in an honest exchange of ideas. He won’t do this, because his ideas suck and he’s bought and paid for by the pro-Israel fake conservative establishment.