Wow, Charlie Kirk just got destroyed at his “Prove Me Wrong” event at the University of Houston. This was like one of the funniest things imaginable. Here’s an archive of the stream if you want to relive the insanity.

Kirk was literally run off of campus by a mob of groypers, after he tried to use some out of context video of Nick Fuentes from back in 2015. Kirk somehow thought that this video would expose him as a fraud. The video was apparently of Fuentes saying that the orange man wasn’t a serious candidate before the primaries even happened. But when he tried to play the surprise video that was on a screen covered by a cloth, they had all sorts of computer problems. The video allegedly exposing Fuentes wouldn’t work and nobody could hear the audio.

After failing to get the video to work properly, he was mocked by the groyper mob for the embarrassing tech failure as they chanted “America First” at Kirk as he retreated off of the campus.

Even if they didn’t have the tech failure, I have no idea how Kirk thought this was a good plan. Talk about a massive failure by Kirk. The optics couldn’t have been any worse for him.

But what this shows is that Kirk is obsessed with Fuentes even though he has claimed not to know who he is and claimed that he isn’t an important person.

This failure by Kirk certainly made up for last night in North Carolina. It was perhaps one of the most decisive groyper victories yet.