There was apparently just an attempted coup in Venezuela against Nicolas Maduro. Protests against Maduro have run rampant. US Vice President Mike Pence also delivered a weird speech stating that they’re recognizing an opposition figure namedĀ Juan Guaido as the country’s interim president. Pence said that Maduro is a dictator even though Maduro was democratically elected. Guaido has won no presidential election but Pence claims that this is the only way to safeguard democracy.

Things are obviously bad in Venezuela. They have a one dimensional economy based around oil and this coupled with their insane social policies created a bunch of economic problems for them. Nobody has confidence in the nation’s currency and inflation is out of control.

President Trump backed Pence’s statement on Venezuela with this tweet.

But regardless of what’s going on in Venezuela, why are we trying to tip the scales of political power in that country? We have enough problems in the United States as is. I honestly don’t give a flying fuck who runs Venezuela. Let them sort out their problems for themselves.