The niggers at the CDC have come up with a study that they pulled straight out of their assholes claiming that wearing two masks is a great thing and stops the spread of the flu.

Great, so why not three masks, four masks, five masks, six masks? Where’s the study on those number of masks?

This is all so stupid. I’m not going to wear a god damn mask let alone two masks over a virus that over 99.9 percent of people survive.

Obviously, this mask and virus hysteria is getting out of control because large segments of the general population think it is all real. They have been totally brainwashed and don’t even know it.

I had some dumbass old woman refuse to get into an elevator that I was in because I wasn’t wearing a mask whereas she had this crazy ass thing attached to her face. She literally thought that she could die if she entered the elevator with a person who wasn’t wearing a mask.

We are dealing with mass insanity folks. The people in government have been infected with the same insanity, although some are just pushing this stuff because they are evil.