Despite the fact that there is no evidence of a pandemic, mass death or anything out of the ordinary, the virus regime continues to unnecessarily scare the public. The CDC Director for the Harris-Biden regime was warning the public this past week about an “impending doom” despite there being no justification for the warning.

This is just more evidence that these people are in panic mode. People have grown tired of all this nonsense and are ready to go back to living a normal life. We’ve heard reports about “impending doom” for almost a year now and the doom has never come.

Whatever this virus is be it a flu variant, an escaped bioweapon or what not, it has a very high survivability rate. There is no reason to take a vaccine for it, especially an experimental mRNA shot that has been untested and which has already caused people all sorts of problems. Lots of people including famous individuals have dropped dead after taking the shot.

This has all been part of a weird agenda to get people to take this strange shot and implement some type of bizarre dystopic vaccine passport system. This deranged woman who is warning about “impending doom” is obviously just demanding people wait longer so  they have more time to put this control system in place.

These people are just evil. The good news is that their plans are definitely running into problems if they feel compelled to make these insane public statements.