Jacob Zuma Resigns as South African President

Shocking that a nigger politician would be forced to resign due to corruption.

Iran Claims Jews Used Lizards to Spy on Them

Jews are closely aligned with lizards.

Syrian Forces Get Bombed by American ZOG

American ZOG forces should be removed from the region immediately.

Justin Trudeau Corrects Girl Who Says “Mankind”

He's being accused of mansplaining politically correct speech to a female.

Cape Town Braces for Civil Unrest as Water Shortage Intensifies

This is what happens when you put Blacks in charge of governments.

Italian Fascist Shoots Several African Invaders

I am not surprised to see something like this happen.

France: Third World Savages Bring Violence Back to Calais

The French military should be brought in to start shooting these evil monkeys.

America to Stop Arming Kurds Along Turkish Border

Continued arming of these Kurdish militia groups could have reignited the war in Syria.